Team Team confirm multiple lineup changes via roster registration

The North American squad is set to have a new look in the near future with multiple changes to its lineup

With the next round of Pro Circuit qualifiers fast approaching, we are seeing more and more teams announce changes to their rosters in the hopes of putting themselves into the best possible position for success within their home region. While Flying Penguins has been grabbing headlines with their recent roster changes, it appears that they are not the only squad in the North American region to be making changes. TEAM TEAM is set to undergo some changes as well, with Carry Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson having left the team a few days ago. In addition to that departure, veteran player and team captain Michael “ixmike88” Ghannam has been removed from the team’s registered roster. Add on to that the fact that Flying Penguins Midlaner Eric “Ryoya” Don is rumored to be returning to the roster of TEAM TEAM, and this squad could be looking very different in the coming days. For now, it is unclear exactly what the plan is for TEAM TEAM, but what is known for sure is that the team’s current registered roster has just 3 players in it. If the team wants to make a return to the Pro Circuit stage in this next Major/Minor pair, then it is going to have to add at least 1 player to its registered roster soon.

The current registered roster of TEAM TEAM:

Nico “Gunnar” Lopez (Mid)
Braxton “Brax” Paulson (Offlane)
Jason “Newsham” Newsham (Support)

Sammyboy’s departure from TEAM TEAM via Twitter

TEAM TEAM’s roster on the Pro Circuit roster registration page (TEAM TEAM team id – 6904594)

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