ASD, 天命 to shift into inactive positions for EHOME

Just days after the end of its qualifier run, the Chinese squad’s roster appears to be undergoing some changes

In what is becoming a somewhat interesting trend in recent times, another squad to have participated in the recent Major is announcing changes to its roster before the event itself has even come to a conclusion. EHOME joins the likes of Mineski and Infamous as teams to announce changes to its lineup before the end of the festivities in Stockholm, as the Chinese squad is shifting 2 of its members into inactive roles within the organization. Midlaner Li “ASD” Zhiwen and Support Jiang “天命” An are the 2 players that will be stepping down from the team’s active roster, leaving the squad with just 3 members days before the start of the next round of Pro Circuit qualifiers.

As of right now, ASD and 天命 have been made inactive, but have not been removed from the team’s roster, leaving open the possibility of a return to the active lineup in the future. With Offlaner Zhangh “Faith_bian” Ruida still recovering from his arm injury and Carry Yang “END” Pu having only recently joined the organization, EHOME is set to have a very different look compared to the squad that won The Bucharest Minor just 2 months ago.

The roster of EHOME following ASD and 天命’s shift into inactive positions:

Yang “END” Pu (Carry)
Zhao “XinQ” Zixing (Offlane, Stand-in) (On loan from Team Serenity)
Zhang “y`” Yiping (Support, Captain)
Zhang “xiao8” Ning (Coach)
Zheng “Galahad” Feixu (Manager)

EHOME’s announcement of its roster change via Weibo (Chinese)


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