Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – MDL Disneyland Paris Major South America Closed Qualifier

Butterfly Effec to make Pro Circuit debut alongside Chaos Esports Club as the winners of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major South America Qualifier

The first set of regional qualifiers for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major has officially come to a close, as the South American region became the third to conclude its qualifier run after 3 days of matches. The field of 8 teams for this event has been cut down to just a pair of victorious squads, as Butterfly Effec and Chaos Esports Club have earned their places in Paris for an appearance on the Pro Circuit stage. For Chaos Esports Club, this trip to Paris will mark the team’s third appearance of the season (2 as Chaos Esports Club and 1 as paiN Gaming). As for Butterfly Effec, this event will be the team’s first appearance on the Pro Circuit stage in its 2018-2019 campaign. For the 6 unsuccessful teams in the field, the upcoming Minor qualifiers will potentially give them a second chance at earning a place on the Pro Circuit stage. While those squads will be looking towards the future, the time had come for us to take a look at how each of the teams in the field performed in this regional qualifier, with the participating teams categorized based upon their final positions in the standings.

Top 2 (Qualified for MDL Disneyland Paris Major)

No Team Logo Butterfly Effec
Record: 8-2 (4-2 Group Stage, 4-0 Playoffs)

Coming into this Major qualifier, Butterfly Effec was looked at as a team with a high level of potential, but with somewhat tempered expectations. The team boasted skill and experience on an individual basis, but it was unclear how well the team would play as a unit considering it had only recently been formed. As it turned out, those concerns were unwarranted, as Butterfly Effect elaborately crushed its regional rivals with an outstanding qualifier run. The team did not lose a single series in the event, and ran the gauntlet of the top squads in the region with victories over Demolition Boys, Infamous, Thunder Predator, and Chaos Esports Club en route to a 1st place finish. The team’s core trio of Mandy, 4dr, and Liposa put together a combined average of 19 kills and 32.8 assists on just 7.3 deaths per game to fuel the squad to a dominant 8-2 overall record. With this performance, Butterfly Effec has smashed its way to a position as a potential leader within the South American region. The question the for team now is whether it can translate this regional success into results on the international level as it prepares for its season debut on the Pro Circuit stage in Paris.

chaos Chaos Esports Club
Record: 8-3 (4-1 Group Stage, 4-2 Playoffs)

As the leading team within the South American region, Chaos Esports Club was fully expected to claim 1 of the region’s 2 spots on the Pro Circuit stage in Paris. The squad didn’t disappoint on that front, as the team put together an impressive 8-3 overall record to punch its ticket to the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. The team lost just a single series against fellow Major attendee Butterfly Effec, and appeared to have control across the majority of its matches with an average game time of just under 32 minutes. While the end results was something that we had been expecting to see from Chaos Esports Club, the team’s consistent success against its regional rivals continues to be an impressive feat for the squad. The challenge at this stage in the season will be breaking out of the bottom half of the standings in a Pro Circuit event, as the team will attempt to do so for the first time this season at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major.


9-8 (5-4 Group Stage, 4-4 Playoffs)

With a pair of new additions ti its roster, there were questions about how Infamous would be able to perform against its regional rivals. As it turned out, the new members of the lineup appeared to have a positive effect on the team as a whole, as Infamous managed to put together a 9-8 record in this qualifier to finish just shy of earning a place at the Major with a 3rd place finish. New Carry oliver averaged an impressive 7.41 kills and 8.88 assists on just 3.06 deaths per game, while Support Biver led the team in average assists with 14.12 per game across the team’s 17 total matches. While the team was unable to secure itself a place on the Pro Circuit stage this time around, its new players proved that they could quickly integrate themselves into the lineup and make immediate contributions to the team. Should those contributions remain consistent moving forward, then Infamous will be one of the leading teams in the upcoming Minor qualifier.


Thunder Predator Thunder Predator
7-6 (5-2 Group Stage, 2-4 Playoffs)

Thunder Predator came into this qualifier as the second highest ranked team in the Pro Circuit Rankings, but that position was far from safe with 2 Majors and 2 Minors left to play in the 2018-2019 season. With squads like Infamous and Demolition Boys beginning to pick up momentum on the Pro Circuit stage, the Peruvian squad was in need of a strong showing in this regional qualifier to keep those challengers at bay. With a 7-6 record in this event, Thunder Predator did manage to put together a relatively impressive performance, but the squad ended up missing out on earning a place at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major with a 4th place finish overall. Despite what its record might suggest though, Thunder Predator ended up struggling against the more prominent squads within its home region. 4 of the team’s 7 wins came against a struggling Gorillaz-Pride squad, and against the other 3 teams in this event with places in the Pro Circuit Rankings (Chaos Esports Club, Infamous, and Demolition Boys) the squad’s record was a decent but unimpressive 3-4. It may be easier said than done, but if Thunder Predator wants to put more distance between itself and its main regional rivals, then it is going to have to find success on a more consistent basis against those squads. While the team didn’t end up earning a place at the Major, its 4th place finish in this event has likely secured it a spot in the upcoming Minor qualifier, where it will have a second chance to return to the Pro Circuit stage.


Demolition Boys Demolition Boys
Record: 4-7 (4-5 Group Stage, 0-2 Playoffs)

After its appearance at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor earlier this month, Demolition Boys appeared to be a team pushing for a position as a potential leader within the South American region. Unfortunately, the squad ended up falling short in its quest to earn a place at the upcoming Major, though it still put together a solid performance against its regional rivals in this qualifier. At 4-7, the team managed to at least hold its own against its opponents, claiming a 2-1 win over SG e-sports while suffering 1-2 defeats to both Butterfly Effec and Infamous in the Group Stage before falling 0-2 to Thunder Predator in the Playoffs. The team’s play in this qualifier certainly could have been better, but no one could reasonably expect Demolition Boys to simply sweep their way past its most prominent regional rivals a la Chaos Esports Club. The team’s performance in this qualifier was solid, but not overly impressive, and it gives Demolition Boys something to build and improve upon as it now most likely prepares for the upcoming Minor qualifiers.

Gorillaz-Pride Gorillaz-Pride
2-6 (2-4 Group Stage, 0-2 Playoffs)

Gorillaz-Pride was not looked at as much of a threat in the field for this qualifier, with some relatively low expectations compared to some of the more prominent squads in the event. Despite the low projections though, the team at least managed to put together a respectable performance with a 2-6 overall record against its regional rivals. The good news for the team is that it was able to claim 2 victories in this qualifier, but the band news is that those 2 wins came against Pacific eSports, the only team to finish the event without a single win to its name. Across every other match up, Gorillaz-Pride found itself falling short of the mark to find success as it lost 0-2 to Thunder Predator twice before taking another 0-2 defeat at the hands of Infamous to end its qualifier run. As a whole, the team’s performance in this event was not as bad as it could have been, but it is clear that this squad is going to need a lot more work if it wants to even have a chance of competing with the leading squads in its region moving forward.


SG e-sports new SG e-sports
2-4 (2-4 Group Stage)

SG e-sports came into this qualifier with relatively low expectations, as its roster was still compoased of players with limited experience at the professional level. While the team didn’t end up in the mix for one of the region’s Major slots, SG e-sports did at least manage to hold its own against some of its regional rivals. Both of the team’s series ended up going the full 3 matches, with the Brazilian squad losing 1-2 to both Infamous and Demolition Boys. One bright spot for the team though was the play of Golem, as the team’s Carry averaged 6.83 kills and assists on 3.5 deaths per game across the team’s 6 total matches and served as the driving force behind the team’s 2 match wins. As of right now, SG e-sports simply doesn’t look ready to compete with its more prominent regional rivals, but the team at least appears to be showing signs of improvement as it accumulates more experience against the top opponents in its region.

Pacific eSports Pacific eSports
0-4 (0-4 Group Stage)

Pacific eSports did not come into this qualifier as a team with exceedingly high expectations, and the squad unfortunately proved unable to out perform its low projections as it went winless against its regional rivals. With a 0-4 overall record, there wasn’t much in the way of silver linings for the squad, although its 0-2 loss against Gorillaz-Pride at least saw the squad remain competitive. Unfortunately, those efforts were not even close to enough to put the squad in contention for a spot in the Pro Circuit stage, and it is unclear if Pacific eSports is going to have another chance at that goal. With the Minor qualifiers coming up soon, the team could ostensibly have a second chance, but it would first need to secure itself another open qualifier victory in order to find a place at that event.

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