Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 North America Qualifier

Complexity Gaming hammers regional rivals to claim lone NA slot at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2

The first trio of regional qualifiers for the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 have come to an end today, as the North American region joined China and CIS as the 3 regions to lock in their representatives at the final Minor of the 2018-2019 season. 4 squads came into this event looking for one final chance to improve their position in the Pro Circuit Rankings, but just a single slot in Kiev was available for the North American region. At the end of the event, it was Complexity Gaming that managed to lay claim to that lone spot, putting together a 6-1 record to punch its ticket to the season’s last Minor. The event will be the team’s second Minor appearance of the season, and its third Pro Circuit appearance overall in this 2018-2019 campaign. As for the 3 unsuccessful squads from this qualifier, their aspirations of claiming a Top 12 position in the Pro Circuit Rankings and a direct invite to TI9 have come to an end. Those squads will have to try to earn their place in Shanghai the long way around by fighting past their regional rivals in the upcoming TI9 qualifiers. Before we start thinking about those qualifiers though, we can take a look at the results from this one, with the participants categorized based on their final place in the event standings.


1st (Qualified for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2)

compLexity Gaming new Complexity Gaming
Record: 6-1

The addition of Tavo to the roster of Complexity Gaming certainly came as an exciting announcement in the run up to this final round of Pro Circuit qualifiers, and the squad as a whole has responded to the change with some impressive performances against its regional rivals. After finishing 3rd in the previous Major qualifier, Complexity Gaming took the next step forward in this Minor qualifier, putting together a 6-1 record to lay claim to the lone North American slot at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2. Tavo himself put together some impressive performances in the team’s qualifier run, combining with Meracle and Limmp to average 22.72 kills and 31.71 assists on just 7.71 deaths per game. That level of production proved to be far too much for its regional rivals to handle, but now the ambitions of Complexity Gaming will have to turn away from its home region and towards the international level. If the team can continue to get this kind of production out of its core trio though, the rest of the field at the Minor will have an incredibly hard time trying to contain this squad.


J Storm Small J.Storm

The addition of Resolut1on to the roster of J.Storm certainly helped to generate a lot of hype around the squad heading into the final round of Pro Circuit qualifiers. While the team had not managed to earn itself a place at the Major, the hope was that it could put together a stronger performance in this Minor qualifier and find success against its regional rivals to make one last appearance on the Pro Circuit stage before the end of the season. Unfortunately, J.Storm couldn’t quite pull that off, as the team ended up finishing in 2nd place after losing in the Finals of the qualifier to Complexity Gaming. Despite failing to earn a place on the Pro Circuit stage, J.Storm put together an admirable performance against its regional rivals, going 5-4 in this qualifier with all 4 of its losses coming against qualifier winner Complexity Gaming. While Resolut1ion was the one to lead the way for J.Storm in the previous Major qualifier, this time around it was the team’s Midlaner that stepped up with some impressive performances, as Bryle put together averages of 8.22 kills and 7.89 assists on just 3.78 deaths across the team’s 9 total matches. The fact that the team did not earn itself an appearance on the Pro Circuit stage in these last 2 qualifier run is certainly disappointing for J.Storm, but if the team can continue to play at this level moving forward, than it will almost certainly be one of the stronger contenders in the upcoming TI9 qualifiers.


Beastcoast Beastcoast
2-4 (Default Win vs Young Drug Gaming)

Beastcoast’s performance in the recent Major qualifier had not been particularly impressive, but a successful open qualifier run had earned the team a shot at redemption as it took a shot at earning one last appearance on the Pro Circuit stage in this Minor qualifier. Unfortunately, the squad’s play in this even did not prove to be significantly improved compared to its last appearance, as the squad posted a 2-4 record to finish in the 3rd place position overall. At first glance, that record may seem disappointing, but not necessarily disastrous for Beastcoast. However, it should be noted that the squad’s only 2 wins in this event came in a series against Young Drug Gaming that saw its opponent abruptly surrender at the 13 minute mark in Game 1 before forfeiting Game 2 altogether. Aside from those wins, the team’s only other matches were a quartet of one sided losses at the hands of J.Storm in which Beastcoast was out killed 43-117. With its struggles in these last 2 qualifiers, beastcoast will certainly have a lot of questions to answer in the run up to the TI9 qualifiers, as the squad will look to bounce back in time to compete against its regional rivals for a place in Shanghai at the biggest event in the Dota 2 world.


No Team Logo Young Drug Gaming
0-4 (Default Loss vs beastcoast)

After a 2-5 performance in the previous Major qualifier, the expectations were not particularly high for Young Drug Gaming as it entered this Minor qualifier. Despite the team managing to put together another successful open qualifier run, it could not replicate that success at the main event itself, posting a 0-4 record to finish last in the standings. That result is certainly an unfortunate one for the team, but it was far from unexpected considering the fact that the squad was largely unknown within the North American hierarchy.  What was unexpected was just how quickly things fell apart for the squad towards the back end of its qualifier run. The squad abruptly “gg”ed out Game 1 of its series against beastcoast, and then proceeded to forfeit the second match of the series in an incredibly bizarre series of events that ended with the squad officially posting a 0-4 record despite only actually playing 3 matches in the event. Given the dysfunction that we witnessed from the team in that final series, it does not appear likely that this team carries on in its current form for long enough to compete in the upcoming TI9 qualifiers.


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