Pro Circuit Qualifier Preview – StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 South America Qualifier

The final South American showdown of the season is set to begin as 4 squads look to claim the region’s lone spot at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2

The last Pro Circuit qualifiers of the 2018-2019 season are getting underway now, as the field of team’s for the last Minor of the campaign is due to be determined over the course of the next few days. South America finds itself included among the first group of regions to run their qualifiers, with the region set to kick things off on May 21 as 4 of its teams compete for a single spot on the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev. Of the 4 squads in the field for this event, a duo of returning squads from the Major qualifier in EgoBoys and Gorillaz-Pride received direct invites to this event, while the remaining 2 teams (Thunder Predator and Anvorguesa) earned their places after making successful runs through the open qualifier.

With the field of teams for this regional qualifier being comprised of just 4 squads, and a single slot at the minor on the line, the format for the South America qualifier will be pretty simplistic compared to some of the other regions. The qualifier will feature just a single stage, with the 4 teams placed into a double elimination bracket with all match ups being played in a Bo3 format. With the field of teams reduced from the size that we saw in the recent Major qualifier, we will be shifting the categories for the participants from 4 down to just 2: Favored Teams and Underdog Teams.


Favored Teams

The team(s) in this section represent the more formidable or accomplished teams in the field for the qualifier that appear to have the best chance at claiming a spot at the Minor. Given the smaller field of teams for these qualifiers compared to the Major qualifiers, the margin between the squads in this section compared to the other may not be particularly high. However, these teams have, or at least appear to have, some small advantage based upon their roster or results in the previous Pro Circuit qualifiers.

No Team Logo EgoBoys
EnzoTimado Gianoli
LeonardoLeoStyle- Sifuentes
Abraham “Kingteka” Canez
Farith “Matthew” Puente
Álex “Masoku” Dávila

EgoBoys put together one of the more impressive performances of the recent Major qualifier, as the recently formed squad posted an 8-8 record that saw it reach the Grand Finals of the event before losing to Infamous. In fact, Infamous proved to be the most significant issue for EgoBoys in that qualifier, with 5 of its 8 total losses  coming against that particular opponent. With Infamous not in the field for this Minor qualifier, EgoBoys sits in a much more favorable position this time around. If the squad can manage to perform at or around the level that we saw in its most recent appearance, then EgoBoys will be one of the more formidable squads in this reduced field as the team looks to make its first appearance on the Pro Circuit stage in the final Minor of the season.

Gorillaz-Pride Gorillaz-Pride

Alonso “Kotarō Hayama” León
Chris“USH” Usher
Jose Andree “Sword” Nicosia
Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela
Christian “Accel” Cruz

With the team having announced a new roster just days before the start of the Major qualifier, the expectations were somewhat mixed for Gorillaz-Pride. However, the squad proved itself capable of contending with its regional rivals with an 8-6 record in that qualifier that included a 6-3 mark against ranked opponents. Considering the fact that the team only recent put together this roster, there is no guarantee that the team can maintain that impressive level of play through this qualifier as well. However, inconsistent play has been an unfortunate issue for nearly every squad within the South American region, and if Gorillaz-Pride can come even close to replicating its previous performance, than the squad should stand a solid chance of finally earning its debut on the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev.


Underdog Teams

The teams in this section are the squads that appear to have a somewhat harder path to success than some of their regional rivals, and will not be particularly expected to come out on top across the majority of its potential match ups. That being said, the teams in this section shouldn’t  necessarily be considered long shots or teams that are not capable of finding success in this event. They simply appear to stand as the teams that come in a little bit below the other squads in the field. Whether its a roster change or a poor performance in the previous Pro Circuit qualifier, the teams in this section don’t appear to be quite as strong as the others, though there is still a solid chance that one of them manages to make their way to the Minor.

Thunder Predator Thunder Predator
Juan “Atun” Ochoa
Jeremy “Jeimari” Ruiz Aguinaga
Frank “Frank” Arias
Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña
Sergio “Prada” Toribio

In the wake of the departure of Chaos Esports Club from the South American region, Thunder Predator was considered to be a potential candidate to step up and improve its own position within the regional hierarchy. Unfortunately, the squad wasn’t quite able to make that scenario a reality, as the Peruvian squad put together a 4-7 record in the recent Major qualifier that left it short of the mark to earn a place on the Pro Circuit stage in Moscow. After fighting its way through the open qualifier though, the squad is hoping for redemption as it looks to claim a place at the final Minor of the season. That task is not going to be easy for Thunder Predator, especially considering the fact that two the squads that gave the team the most trouble in the Major qualifier will also be participating in this event. Against the duo of EgoBoys and Gorillaz-Pride, Thunder Predator put together an underwhelming 1-5 record in that previous event. If the squad wants to have any chance at claiming a place at the Minor, then it is going to have to show as quickly as possible that it can find success against those opponents.

No Team Logo Anvorguesa
Hector Antonio“K1” Rodriguez
Alexis “Greedy” Ventura
Adrian “Wisper” Cespedes Dobles
Diego “Jericho” Rivera
Steven “StingeR” Vargas

In the wake of FreeStyle’s somewhat poor showing in the recent Major qualifier, the team has effectively broken up, with the duo of K1 and Wipser putting together this new squad to continues its pursuit of another appearance on the Pro Circuit stage. The duo’s new squad features a number of names that many with knowledge of the Peruvian or South American scene might be familiar with, as the trio of Greedy, Jericho, and StingeR bring a fair bit of experience to the lineup of Anvorguesa. The question is whether or not that experience will be enough to push the squad to success against its regional rivals in this qualifier. With the field of teams reduced from the recent Major qualifier, there will be precious little room for error if this squad wants to earn itself a place on the Pro Circuit stage. Considering the fact that this team has only existed for a few days though, it is somewhat difficult to know whether or not is is capable of the kind of performance that it will need to claim the lone South American slot at the Minor. For the time being, it appears best to temper expectations for Anvorguesa, but don’t be surprised if the squad puts together a strong enough run to compete for that spot on the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev.


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