Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 South America Qualifier

The field for the season’s final Minor is now officially set as Team Anvorgesa claims the South American slot at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2

The final Pro Circuit qualifier of the 2018-2019 season has officially come to an end now, as the South American region has determined which team will represent it on the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2. A field of 4 teams came into this qualifier searching for that final slot at the Minor, but in the end it was Team Anvorgesa that managed to come out on top with a 6-3 record and a successful run against its regional rivals. The Minor will be Team Anvorgesa’s first official appearance on the Pro Circuit stage this season (although 3 of its players previously attended a Major as Majestic Esports). As for the other 3 teams that participated in this events, their aspirations of reaching the Pro Circuit stage have come to an end with the conclusion of this final Pro Circuit qualifier. That trio of squads will now have to turn their attention to the upcoming TI9 qualifiers, where they will face off against their regional rivals once again with a place in Shanghai for the Dota 2 world’s most prestigious event on the line. For the time being though, we can take a brief look at how each of the participants fared in this final Pro Circuit qualifiers, with the 4 competitors listed in accordance with their final position in the event standings.


1st (Qualified for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2)

Team Anvorgesa Team Anvorgesa
6-3When the roster of FreeStyle appeared to essentially implode upon itself in the aftermath of the Major qualifier, there were some big concerns as to where the remnants of the team would go from there. With the majority of its players remaining together to form Team Anvorgesa though, it was hoped that the influx of new talent would help this squad put together a strong showing against its regional rivals. As it turned out, the newly formed squad was more than able to find the success that it sought, as Team Anvorgesa posted a 6-2 overall record in this event to lock down the sole South American slot at the season’s final Minor in Kiev. Even with the team needing to bring in a stand-in for some of its matches, Team Anvorgesa was able to keep its play strong and consistent in the face of its regional rivals. Leading the way for the squad though was Midlaner Chris Brown (a.k.a. Chris Luck), who put up incredible averages of 11.11 kills and 8.22 assists on just 4 deaths per game across the team’s 9 total matches in this qualifier. Given the fact that 2 of the team’s players have only recently joined the roster, Team Anvorgesa is not likely to be considered a favorite heading into the Minor itself, but the squad’s play in this final Pro Circuit qualifier does prove that it has the skill and the experience to potentially be a threat on the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev.


Gorillaz-Pride Gorillaz-Pride

The new roster of Gorillaz-Pride had certainly put on an impressive show in the recent Major qualifier, but the team was looking to improve upon that performance in this event and finally earn itself a place on the Pro Circuit stage. The squad certainly did manage to put together another impressive run against its regional rivals, with the team posting a 4-2 overall record in this event. Unfortunately, that record proved insufficient to earn the squad its much sought after place on the Pro Circuit stage, with Gorillaz-Pride falling in the Grand Finals of the qualifier to finish in the 2nd place position. That final outcome will surely come as a disappointment for the squad considering how close it came to qualifying for the Minor, but the team’s play as a whole in this event was an incredibly encouraging sign for it moving forward. The duo of Kotaro Hayama and USH combined to average 13.50 kills and 15.67 assists on 7.5 deaths per game in the team’s qualifier run, and appear to have formed a solid foundation for the team to continue building upon moving forward into the upcoming TI9 qualifiers.


Thunder Predator Thunder Predator
Record: 3-4

After having to fight its way through the open qualifiers to earn itself a place in the field for this event, Thunder Predator came into this final Minor qualifier looking to display a sense of confidence as it looked to put together a strong showing against its regional rivals. Unfortunately, the team didn’t quite end up with as strong of a performance as it may have been hoping for, with Thunder Predator finishing with a 3-4 overall record in this event to claim the 3rd place position. Interestingly, the squad appeared to be experimenting with positional changes among the members of its roster, as Scofield shifted into the Carry role while Atun moved to the Support position across the team’s matches in this event. Perhaps the team felt that a shake up in its positions was necessary for it to find success against its regional rivals, but the move did not appear to be met with particularly increased levels of play from the squad as a whole. The duo of Jeimari and Scofield combined to average 17.43 kills and 15.57 assists on 9.85 deaths per game, but those efforts proved insufficient to get Thunder Predator onto the Pro Circuit stage in Kiev. At this stage, it is clear that Thunder Predator will not be the squad to claim the position of regional leader left vacant by Chaos Esports Club, but hope is not entirely lost for the squad moving forward, with the upcoming TI9 qualifiers giving the squad a chance to bounce back with a stronger performance against its regional rivals.


EgoBoys EgoBoys

After reaching the Grand Finals of the previous Major qualifier, EgoBoys came into this event with a bit of momentum on its side, as well as some somewhat ambitious expectations. Unfortunately, neither one of those factors did much to help the squad once the qualifiers actually began, as EgoBoys failed to earn a single win with a 0-4 record against its regional rivals. The team’s struggles in this even came as a rather significant shock, as EgoBoys had appeared to be in a position of strength among the teams in this field prior to the start of the qualifier. With this poor performance though, it is left for many to wonder whether the squad’s skill and experience will prove to be enough to bounce back from this disappointing showing. With no more Pro Circuit qualifiers left on the schedule though, the next opportunity for EgoBoys to display its strength against its regional rivals will likely be in the upcoming TI9 qualifiers.



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