J.Storm add Nine, DeMoN to lineup while bryle, March go inactive

The North American squad has announced a pair of new trial players as it prepares for the upcoming TI9 qualifiers

The pre-TI roster shuffle is starting to get underway now, as we are seeing more squads announce changes to their lineups in preparation for runs against their regional rivals in the TI9 Qualifiers. Today, another North American squad is looking to make a change, as J.Storm has revealed that it will be bringing in a pair of new players on a trial basis. Former PENTA Sports member Leon “Nine” Kirilin will be joining the team as its new Midlaner, while former team coach Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho will be shifting into an active place on the roster as its newest Support. To make room for the new additions, the organization announced that Jonathan “Bryle” De Guia and Park “March” Tae-won will be shifting into inactive roles with the organization for foreseeable future. The squad previously played with this lineup in its previous series in the ongoing WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Dire America, and will likely continue to due so up to and potentially including the TI9 qualifiers themselves. The team’s announcement made no mention of a new coach to take up the position now vacated by DeMoN’s return to active play.

The roster of J.Storm following the addition of Nine and DeMoN:

Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok (Carry)
Leon “Nine” Kirilin (Mid)
David “Moo” Hull (Offlane)
Clinton “Fear” Loomis (Support)
Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho (Support)

J.Storm’s announcement of its new roster via Twitter

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