J.Storm add 1437, DeMoN to return to coaching role

The North American squad has revealed its lineup for the upcoming TI9 Qualifiers

After introducing 3 new members of its roster in the month of May, North American squad J.Storm is once again making changes to its lineup as the team makes preparations for the upcoming TI9 Qualifiers. After adding Resolut1on, Nine, and DeMoN to the active lineup last month, the organization has revealed the addition of veteran Support Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai to round out its TI9 roster. With the addition of 1437 though, the organization also revealed that Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho would returning shifting back into his coaching role for the team.

1437 comes to the roster of J.Storm after a lengthy stint in the Southeast Asian region, with the Canadian support having spent the entire 2018-2019 season to this point as a member of Tigers. Prior to that, 1437 spent a period of around 16 months with the TNC organization as a member of both TNC Pro Team (now TNC Predator) and TNC Tigers (now Tigers). 1437’s time in the Southeast Asian region resulted in 1 TI appearance (TI7) and 2 Minor appearances with TNC Pro Team, as well a 1 Major appearance and 1 Minor Championship (DreamLegaue Season 10 Minor) title with Tigers. At this stage in his career, 1437 has proven himself to be a capable player and leader, with experience across 3 of the 6 Dota 2 regions (Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia). Though he will not be taking over the captaincy for J.Storm (Fear is set to remain team captain), his extensive experience, veteran status, and versatile skill set will all surely be significant advantages for a J.Storm squad that is hoping to fight its way onto the TI stage with a strong showing in the TI9 Qualifier.

The roster of J.Storm following the addition of 1437:

Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok (Carry)
Leon “Nine” Kirilin (Mid)
David “Moo” Hull (Offlane)
Clinton “Fear” Loomis (Support, Captain)
Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai (Support)
Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho (Coach)
Jesse “Ewilan” Rice (Manager)

J.Storm’s announcement via Twitter of its roster change

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