FURIA Esports announces first Dota 2 team

The Brazilian organization takes its first steps into the Dota 2 world with the formation of its roster for the upcoming TI9 Qualifiers

A new challenger has joined the ranks of the South American region, as FURIA Esports recently announced the creation of a Dota 2 roster to compete in the TI9 Qualifiers. The team announced that free agents Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes, Henry “Murdoc” Felipe, and Heitor “Duster” Pereira would be joining the newly formed lineup, with Pedro “mini-” Rezende transferring from SG e-sports and Lucas “Hyko” Morais coming over from Midas Club to round out the roster. Though Duster is the only member of this new roster to have significant experience on the international level, all of the new members of FURIA Esports have accrued a fair bit of experience within the South American region, and the organization will be hoping to put that experience to use as the team contends with its regional rivals for the lone South American slot in Shanghai for TI9.

The roster of FURIA Esports:

Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes (Carry)
Pedro “mini-” Rezende (Mid)
Henry “Murdoc” Felipe (Offlane)
Lucas “Hyko” Morais (Support)
Heitor “Duster” Pereira (Support, Captain)
Filipe “Astini” Astini (Coach)

FURIA Esports’ announcement (via Twitter) of its new Dota 2 lineup (Portuguese)


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