Kotarō Hayama registered as final Thunder Predator member

Thunder Predator appears to have completed its lineup for the TI9 Qualifiers with the addition of its new Carry

The new Thunder Predator lineup is now officially registered, as the organization added former Gorillaz-Pride member Alonso “Kotarō Hayama” León to its registered roster last night to complete its lineup for the upcoming TI9 Qualifiers. Kotarō Hayama comes to the squad as one of the most experienced players in the South American region, with the Peruvian Carry having played at the professional level since 2015 while competing in 5 Majors and 6 Minors with the likes of Team Unknown, Infamous, Playmakers Esports, and Demolition Boys. Despite that impressive string of Major and Minor appearances, Kotarō Hayama has never been able to earn a place at TI, and the hope is that his addition to the Thunder Predator lineup will help both himself and the squad emerge victorious against their regional rivals to claim the lone South American slot at TI9 in Shanghai. While the team’s roster has been registered on the Pro Circuit page, it should be noted that the organization itself has not yet made an official announcement of its new roster.

The registered roster of Thunder Predator:

Alonso “Kotarō Hayama” León (Carry)
Eliseo “Faker” Arancibia (Mid)
Frank “Frank” Arias (Offlane)
Romel “Wu” Quinteros (Support)
Christian “Accel” Cruz (Support)
Ramón “Rehap” Contreras (Manager)

Thunder Predator’s roster on the official Pro Circuit registration page (Thunder Predator Team ID – 6382242)


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