Chaos Esports Club claims the final European slot at TI9 with a successful run through the regional qualifiers

Just 2 months removed from its transition away from the South American region, Chaos Esports Club is heading to TI9 as the sixth European representative in Shanghai

The 2018-2019 Pro Circuit season had already seen quite a few European squads having a sizable impact on the professional scene, with 5 different teams from the region finishing the season in the Top 12 of the Pro Circuit Rankings and claiming direct invites to TI9 in Shanghai. 5 teams just wasn’t quite enough for the crowded European region though, as Europe still had one final slot to allocate with its regional qualifier for TI9. Though the majority of the region’s major players had already earned their place in Shanghai, the field of 8 squads for this qualifier certainly boasted some skilled and experienced lineups. However, only 1 of those 8 participants could emerge victorious from the regional qualifier and claim a place at TI9 at the sixth and final European squad in the field. In the end, that victorious squad proved to be a recent transplant to the European region, as Chaos Esports Club swept The Final Tribe 3-0 in the Grand Finals to claim its place in Shanghai.

TI9 will be the first TI appearance for Chaos Esports Club, at least in the organization’s current form. Previously, the organization operated under the name Digital Chaos, earning appearances at TI6 and TI7 that included a 2nd place performance in the prior. At that time, Digital Chaos was registered as a North American organization, but the shift to the Chaos Esports Club name precipitated a move to South America at the beginning of 2019, followed shortly after by its transition to Europe in May. TI9 may be the first TI appearance for Chaos Esports Club since its name change, but it won’t be the first event for the majority of the team’s lineup. In fact, vtFaded is the only member of the current Chaos Esports Club roster to have never attended TI, with the Malaysian Carry set to make his debut on the TI stage in Shanghai. MiLAN previously attended TI7 as a member of Hellraisers, while KheZu attended TI7 with Team Secret as well as TI6 with Escape Gaming. MATUMBAMAN has previously attended 3 iterations of TI, all of which came as a member of Team Liquid and includes a victorious effort from MATUMBAMAN and the team at TI7. As for Support and Team Captain MISERY, TI9 will be his seventh appearance on the Dota 2 world’s biggest stage, and the appearance marks the continuation of one of the most bizarre and impressive feats in professional Dota. With this appearance at TI9, MISERY will have attended his seventh iteration of TI, with every single one of those appearances coming with a different team and organization. Across those 7 TI appearances, MISERY has put together Top 4 finishes on 2 separate occasions, and the veteran will be looking to add another to that list as Chaos Esports Club prepares to face off against the Dota 2 world’s top opposition. The Group Stage of TI9 is set to begin on August 15 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.


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