Forward Gaming dominate North America Qualifier, claim final slot in the field for TI9

Forward Gaming drop just a single game en route to a nearly flawless performance against its regional rivals

The final regional qualifier for The International 2019 has officially come to a close, and the final squad in the 18 team field has been decided as the North American region now has its second representative on the TI stage in Shanghai. 8 squads came into this qualifier looking for a chance to punch their ticket to Shanghai and join Evil Geniuses as the two North American squads in the field for TI9, but only 1 of those teams was going to be able to claim that prize in the end. As it turned out, the competition didn’t actually prove to be much of one, as Forward Gaming absolutely dominated the regional qualifier to claim its place at TI9. The team lost just 1 match across the entirety of the event, posting a 14-1 overall record that was capped off by an incredibly impressive 3-1 victory over J.Storm in the Grand Finals of the qualifier.

TI9 will be the first TI appearance for the Forward Gaming organization, due in large part to the fact that the organization itself only came into existence in the month or so prior to the start of this 2018-2019 Pro Circuit campaign. However, the players of Forward Gaming are no strangers to the TI stage, as every member of the team’s roster has attended a previous iteration of the event. In fact, the trio of YawaR, Sneyking, and MSS attended TI8 last year as members of VGJ.Storm, the squad that Forward Gaming signed when it formed its original roster back in September of 2018. For YawaR, that appearance in Vancouver was his only TI appearance, but Sneyking and MSS have a bit more experience on the TI stage, with Sneyking having gone to TI3 with Dignitas and TI4 with Na’Vi.North America, while MSS attended TI4 with mousesports and TI7 as a member of Cloud 9. Midlaner CCnC also earned himself a place at TI8 last year, though he went as a member of another North Americna squad in OpTic Gaming. As for the final member of the squad, Support and Team Captain pieliedie is set to make his fifth TI appearance in Shanghai. With the conclusion of the North America qualifier, all of the regional qualifies for TI9 are officially at an end, and the field of teams for the event has been decided. TI9 itself is set to begin on August 15 with the start of the event’s Group Stage, while the Main Event will begin on August 20.


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