The International 2019 Group Stage Recap – Day 2

Secret stays perfect, OG heats up, and underdogs are on the rise after Day 2 in Shanghai

Day 2 of the TI9 Group Stage is in the books, and we’re starting to see some incredible and somewhat unexpected story liens play out in Shanghai. With the Group Stage halfway done, the leaders in each group are becoming more and more clear, while the hour grows later and later for those teams languishing in the bottom sections of the standings. There good news for both those struggling squads and for the fans is that there is still plenty of Dota left to be played before the first teams are eliminated from contention at TI9. However, there are a few teams that already appear to be on their way to avoiding that danger altogether based upon their performance to this point in the Group Stage.

At the top of Group A, the duo of Team Secret and PSG.LGD remain in top form with 8 wins each. PSG.LGD has achieved this feat with 3 series wins and 2 draws for an 8-2 record, while Team Secret remains undefeated in Shanghai with a perfect 8-0 mark through 2 days. Aside from the continued dominance of those 2 squads, the other impressive performance of the day came from Alliance, as the European squad put together a 3-1 record across its 3 series to move up from 8th to a tie for 5th in the standings. And rounding out the bottom of the group standings are some familiar faces from yesterday, as Team Liquid, Keen Gaming, and Chaos Esports Club failed to move up and currently hold the 7th, 8th, and 9th place positions, respectively.

Over in Group B, the duo of OG and Vici Gaming continued to put together impressive performances, with the former posting a perfect 6-0 record on the day to claim the best record among all teams at 9-1. As for Vici Gaming, the squad’s run of perfection was brought to an end, but the team still pulled out a 3-3 mark on Day 2 to improve its record to 7-3. Also joining that duo in the top half of the group standings was North American squad EG, as the team posted a 4-2 record to bounce back from a poor showing on Day 1 and put its overall record at 5-5. However, the biggest surprises from Group B on Day 2 came from a pair of unexpected sources, as both Na’Vi and Infamous made big pushes up the standings with some incredible performances. Na’Vi posted a 5-1 record to push its way into a tie for 2nd place in the standings, while Infamous notched a 4-2 record on the day to move up from 8th to 5th. Unfortunately, the rise of those 2 underdog squads came at the expense of another squad, as VP dropped all 4 of its matches on Day 2 to fall to 3-5 overall while dropping from a tie for 2nd to a tie for 6th in the Group standings.


Records by region

North America
Total Record:
9-9 (6-4 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
9-9 (6-4 on Day 2)

South America
Total Record:
4-4 (4-2 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
4-4 (4-2 on Day 2)

Total Record:
26-26 (13-11 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
16-16 (11-9 on Day 2)

Total Record:
10-8 (5-5 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
10-8 (3-3 on Day 2)

Southeast Asia
Total Record:
13-13 (6-6 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
11-11 (6-6 on Day 2)

Total Record:
18-20 (6-12 on Day 2)
vs. other regions:
14-16 (6-12 on Day 2)


Standout individual Performances on Day 2

Highest Kill Count (in a single match): miCKe- 21

Highest Kill Count (total): MagicaL – 67

Highest Assist Count (in a single match): Taiga  30

Highest Assist Count (total): SoNNeikO  112

Fewest Deaths (in a single match): ana, MSS, Fly, Eyyou, Paparazi, Crystallize, Armel, K1, & miCKe  0

Fewest Deaths (total): Puppey  1

Highest Last Hit Count (in a single match): Ame  720

Highest Last Hit Count (total): K1  3,180

Highest GPM (in a single match): Crystallize  889


Best Averages of TI9

Kills per game: MagicaL – 11.60

Deaths per game: Ame – 1.50

Assists per game: SoNNeikO – 19.40

GPM: Crystallize – 820

Last Hits: Ame – 470

KDA Ratio: Abed – 10.55


Hero Stats

Most picked hero of Day 2: Ogre Magi & Sand King – 18

Most picked hero of TI9: Ogre Magi & Elder Titan – 31

Most banned hero of Day 2: Enchantress – 30

Most banned hero of TI9: Enchantress – 57

Highest combined pick/ban rate of Day 2: Enchantress & Alchemist – 36 (90% of all matches)

Highest combined pick/ban rate of TI9: Alchemist – 72 (90% of all matches)


Group Standings

Group A

Pos. Team Record
1st Team Secret  Team Secret 8-0
2nd PSG LGD  PSG.LGD  8-2
3rd 600px-Mineski-dota_logo  Mineski 5-3
4th TNC Predator  TNC Predator 5-5
T-5th Alliance  Alliance  4-4
T-5th Newbee_logo  Newbee 4-4
7th 600px-Team_liquid_logo_2017  Team Liquid 3-7
8th Keen Gaming  Keen Gaming 2-8
9th Chaos Esports Club  Chaos Esports Club 1-7

Group B

Pos. Team Record
1st 425px-OG_RB_Logo OG 9-1
T-2nd Vici Gaming small  Vici Gaming 7-3
T-2nd Na'Vi  Natus Vincere 7-3
4th Evil Geniuses  Evil Geniuses 5-5
T-6th Virtus Pro TI9 3-5
T-6th Fnatic small  Fnatic 3-5
T-8th Ninjas In Pyjamas  Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-7
T-8th Royal Never Give Up  Royal Never Give Up 1-7

Team Performances

With Day 2 in the books, we can take a brief look at how each of the team’s performed  to close out the first half of the TI9 Group Stage. This section will outline each of the team’s match ups for the day, along with the results of said match ups and the team’s overall record both for the day in question, and across TI9 as a whole.

Format: Team Name (Record Overall) (Record for Day) : [Matches for Day]

Win = 2-0    Draw = 1-1    Loss = 0-2

Group A

Alliance  Alliance (4-4) (3-1): [Draw vs. TNC Predator, Win vs. Keen Gaming]:

After a rough 1-3 performance on the opening day of TI9, Alliance came into Day 2 looking to bounce back and push itself back up the Group A standings. With a 1-1 split and a 2-0 victory over TNC Predator and Keen Gaming, respectively, the European squad did just that, improving its overall record to 4-4. Leading the way for the team was its Carry/Mid duo of miCKe and qojqva, as the duo put together a total of 90 kills and 80 assists on just 25 deaths across the team’s 4 matches on Day 2. Of course, the squad didn’t completely do away with its late-game concerns, as Alliance dropped its opening match against TNC Predator due in part to a weak late-game showing, and took an uncomfortably longer time than anticipated to close out a win in Game 2 against Keen Gaming. At the end of the day though, the squad managed to put together strong enough performances to even out its overall record. However, the team is scheduled to play 3 series on Day 3 of the Group Stage, with the squad’s final position in the Group A standings likely set to be determined by the outcome of those matches.

 Chaos Esports Club  Chaos Esports Club (1-7) (0-2): [Loss vs. Mineski]:

After a disappointing 1-5 showing on Day 1 of the Group Stage, Chaos Esports Club came into Day 2 just looking to stabilize itself and claim at least 1 win in its lone series of the day. Unfortunately for the European squad, that didn’t happen, as Chaos Esports Club suffered a 0-2 defeat in its series against Mineski. The series was not particularly impressive for the team, as it found itself playing from behind throughout the entirety of both matches and ended up being out killed 38-72 over the course of the series. The silver lining for the squad is that it only played a single series on Day 2, mitigating the damage done to the team’s overall record. However, with a 1-7 mark through the first half of its Group Stage matches, the squad is beginning to run out of opportunities to pull itself together. At this stage, the squad is in real danger of failing to advance out of the Group Stage, and with 3 series on the schedule for Day 3, the team may very well be staring down its final opportunities to change its fate and avoid an early exit in Shanghai.

 Keen Gaming  Keen Gaming (2-8) (0-4): [Loss vs. Team Secret, Loss vs. Alliance]:

After losing 2 of its 3 series on Day 1 of the Group Stage, Keen Gaming was just looking to claim any sort of momentum for itself heading into Day 2. What the team got instead was further disappointment, as Keen Gaming lost all 4 of its matches for the day to drop to a demoralizing 2-8 overall record. The squad simply looked overwhelmed across all of its matches, with the Chinese team being out killed 55-118 across those games. It was only in its final match of the day against Alliance that the squad showed any signs of life with an extended defense of its base against repeated assaults from its opponent. However, even those efforts proved insufficient, as the team was eventually overwhelmed and defeated to suffer its fourth straight loss of the day. At this stage, the squad’s odds of being a real contender in Group A are basically nonexistent, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for Keen Gaming. The name of the game is survival for the Chinese squad, as only 1 team from the group will be eliminated prior to the start of the Main Event. With Chaos Esports Club also struggling significantly at this stage in the event, Keen Gaming realistically only needs a few more wins to potentially keep itself safe from elimination. With 3 series on the schedule for Day 3, the squad will have plenty of opportunities to find those much needed wins as Keen Gaming looks to right the ship and stave off the threat of elimination in Shanghai.

600px-Mineski-dota_logo  Mineski (5-3) (3-1): [Draw vs. Team Liquid, Win vs. Chaos Esports Club]:

After a solid 2-2 start to its Group Stage run on Day 1, Mineski found itself ina position to establish itself as a much stronger power in the Group A standings than many had been anticipating. With a 3-1 record on Day 2, the Southeast Asian squad achieved just that, maintaining its favorable position with a 5-3 overall record. A 2-0 win over Chaos Esports Club in its last series of the day certainly came as a strong result for the team, but the truly impressive part of the squad’s Day 2 performance was a 1-1 split against Team Liquid. Despite Team Liquid’s struggles on Day 1 of the event, the squad still stood as one of the elite teams in the European region, and Mineski’s ability to hold its own against that caliber of opponent served as a powerful testament to the strength of the team’s current roster. While the squad’s first 2 days in Shanghai have been incredibly impressive, the true test for Mineski is on the horizon, as the squad will play 3 series on Day 3 of the Group Stage, including match ups against both Team Secret and PSG.LGD.

Newbee_logo  Newbee (4-4) (2-2): [Draw vs. PSG.LGD, Draw vs. TNC Predator]:

After a somewhat surprising 2-2 record on Day 1 of the Group Stage, Newbee came into Day 2 with a real opportunity to shatter the Dota 2 world’s expectations and push itself into a favorable position in the Group A standings. With the team facing off gainst both PSG.LGD and TNC Predator, Newbee was in for a daunting challenge, but the North American squad proved capable of holding its own across both of those match ups. With 1-1 splits in both series, Newbee was able to close out Day 2 with a 4-4 overall record against the squads that many considered to be the strongest within the group. The squad’s Day 3 schedule will see it play 3 of its final 4 series of the Group Stage, but considering the fact that 2 of those 3 series will be against teams at or near the bottom of the group standings, Newbee should find itself with an opportunity to push itself into an even stronger position so long as it maintains this level of play.

 PSG LGD  PSG.LGD (8-2) (3-1): [Draw vs. Newbee, Win vs. Team Liquid]:

PSG.LGD’s Day 1 performance was certainly an impressive one, but the Chinese powerhouse came into Day 2 looking to put on an even stronger showing and potentially cement its position as a leading squad in the Group A standings. The team faced match ups against both Newbee and Team Liquid in Day 2 in Shanghai, but neither squad proved to be strong enough to bring the squad down as PSG.LGD earned a draw and a win to post a 3-1 record for the day. The team’s lone loss on the day came in the form of a somewhat bizarre comeback loss at the hands of Newbee, in which the Chinese squad was defeated despite holding a net worth lead of over 12k at the end of the match. The team ended up putting together a bit of comeback magic of its own on Day 2 though, as PSG.LGD pulled off late-game turnarounds in both of its matches against Team Liquid to secure itself a 2-0 win in the series. The squad’s performance weren’t always the most graceful on Day 2, but PSG.LGD managed to get the job done and end the day with another positive record as the squad retained its place among the leaders of Group A.

600px-Team_liquid_logo_2017  Team Liquid (3-7) (1-3): [Draw vs. Mineski, Loss vs. PSG.LGD]:

The struggles for Team Liquid continued as the team entered Day 2 of the Group Stage, as the TI7 Champion still appears to working its way back into top form. The squad looked decent in a 1-1 split against Mineski in its first series of the day, and even appeared to be getting the better of PSG.LGD for the majority of its series against the Chinese squad. However, the late-game stages of both matches against PSG.LGD saw Team Liquid lose its momentum and its control of the game, with the European squad surrendering a pair of comeback losses that seemed to shatter any budding momentum from its previous performances. At 3-7, Team Liquid sits near the bottom of the Group A standings, but the good news for the squad is that it is not the team in the most immediate danger of facing elimination. There are currently 2 teams below Team Liquid in the Group A standings in the form of Keen Gaming and Chaos Esports Club. The squad already owns the tiebreaker with the latter squad thanks to a 2-0 win on Day 1, and it is set to face off against the former in its second series of Day 3. Should the squad mange to secure itself at least a draw in that match up against Keen Gaming, then Team Liquid should be fairly safe from elimination so long as it doesn’t completely break down across the rest of its match ups.

Team Secret  Team Secret (8-0) (2-0): [Win vs. Keen Gaming]:

The run of dominance continued for Team Secret on Day 2 of the Group Stage, as the squad kept its perfect streak alive with a strong 2-0 victory over Keen Gaming in its lone series of the day. At 8-0, the squad stands as a clear leader in the Group A standings, and at this stage the squad would need to suffer an absolutely catastrophic meltdown the likes of which we’ve never witnessed before to miss out on earning itself a place in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event. Even with that being said, the squad has yet to mathematically secure itself that position, and with 3 series on the schedule for Day 3, you can bet that the European juggernaut will do everything in its power to remained focused and on task as it looks to continue putting up dominant showings against every rival it faces on the TI stage.

TNC Predator  TNC Predator (5-5) (2-2): [Draw vs. Alliance, Draw vs. Newbee]:

After a 3-3 showing to open the Group Stage, TNC Predator found itself near the top of the Group A standings, and the Southeast Asian squad came into Day 2 looking to either maintain or improve that favorable position. With a pair of 1-1 splits against both Alliance and Newbee, the team appears to have done just that, setting itself up with a 5-5 overall record that has the squad still sitting in a strong position in the standings. However, it should be noted that the team’s performances on Day 2 of the Group Stage were incredibly dependent upon the team’s momentum, with all 4 of its matches featuring no exchanges of net worth leads over the final 10 minutes of play. For the most part, that trend worked out for TNC Predator, as the squad found itself in control often enough to pull out a 2-2 record on the day. However, the team’s position in the standings isn’t quite secure just yet, and the Southeast Asian squad will have to keep its foot on the gas pedal heading into the second half of the Group Stage.

Group B

Evil Geniuses  Evil Geniuses (5-5) (4-2): [Loss vs. OG, Win vs. Royal Never Give Up, Win vs. Vici Gaming]:

Day 1 certainly came as a shock for EG and its fans, as the North American squad struggled in what was a 1-3 effort to open its TI9 campaign. As the team began a trio of series on Day 2, those struggles appeared to have stuck around, as EG lost its opening series 0-2 to OG to drop it to an alarming 1-5 record. However, the team’s final 2 series of the day finally saw the North American team pull itself together, with EG claiming 4 straight victories over RNG and Vici Gaming to finish with a 4-2 mark on Day 2 to improve its overall record to 5-5. The team’s Carry/Mid duo of Arteezy and SumaiL combined to average 16.50 kills and 19.17 assists on 6.34 deaths per game across the team’s 6 matches on Day 3, while the trio of s4, Cr1t-, and Fly averaged an impressive 47 assists per game to help fuel the North American squad to its first bit of success in Shanghai. With its solid showing on Day 2, the hope for EG is that it has put its initial struggles behind it and can focus on closing out its Group Stage run with a strong run, as its position in the Group B standings is favorable, but far from secure. However, the squad will have the benefit of a lighter schedule on Day 3, with EG set to play just a single series against South American squad Infamous.

Fnatic small  Fnatic (3-5) (1-3): [Draw vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Loss vs. Infamous]:

Day 1 saw Fnatic put together some dramatically different performances, as the squad dominated its series against EG before getting stomped by Vici Gaming to enter Day 2 with a 2-2 overall record. Unfortunately for the Southeast Asian squad, its level of play continued to be unpredictable on its second day of matches in Shanghai, with the squad taking a 1-1 split against NiP before falling 0-2 to Infamous for a 1-3 record in 2 series. Despite the Carry/Mid duo of Abed and Jabz combining for an average of 14.50 kills and 20.75 assists on 6 deaths per game, the squad couldn’t quite come together with a strong enough showing as a team to claim more than its single match win. Even some consistently impressive showings from DJ (6.75 kills and 11.75 assists on 4 deaths per game) weren’t enough to get Fnatic over the hump, with the team’s overall record falling to 3-5 at the halfway mark of the Group Stage. With 4 total series left to play on Days 3 and 4, Fnatic certainly still has time to make a push to claim a spot in the top half of the Group B standings, but the squad has to find a way to play with more consistency moving forward.

LOGO-INFAMOUS-COMERCIAL  Infamous (4-4) (4-2): [Draw vs. Natus Vincere, Draw vs. Vici Gaming, Win vs. Fnatic]:

After playing just a single series on Day 1 of the Group Stage, Infamous came into Day 2 with a huge opportunity to put its strength on display with 3 series on its schedule. Despite being regarded as one of the weaker teams in the field, Infamous managed to hold its own and put together an impressive performance across those 3 series, posting a 4-2 record that included 1-1 draws against Na’Vi and Vici Gaming along with a 2-0 victory over Fnatic. Playing an absolutely huge role for the team on Day 2 was the duo of K1 and Chris Luck, with the 2 players averaging a combined 15 kills and 15.33 assists on 7.66 deaths per game to lead the squad to success across its 3 series. Considering the struggles that some of the other teams in Group B have faced so far, Infamous’ 4-4 record through the first half of the Group Stage would appear to put the squad in a relatively safe position in terms of advancing to the Main Event. However, the squad still has to play the second half of its Group Stage matches, and Infamous will have to prove that it can maintain this impressive level of play over the next 2 days if it wants to retain its solid position in the Group B standings.

Na'Vi  Natus Vincere (7-3) (5-1): [Draw vs. Infamous, Win vs., Win vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas]:

Na’Vi certainly managed to impress with its 2-2 record on Day 1, but Day 2 of the Group Stage would see the CIS squad take things to an even more incredible level, as the team continued to shatter the meager expectations that had been laid out for it. After beginning its day with a 1-1 split against Infamous, Na’Vi absolutely exploded for 4 straight victories over VP and NiP to close out its day with a 5-1 showing and an overall record of 7-3. That record has the squad sitting among the leaders in its group standings, which is a scenario that very few people could have ever anticipated coming into this event. A large part of the team’s success can be traced back to the stellar play of its Carry/Mid duo, as Crystallize and Magical put together superstar level performances to lead their team to success on Day 2. The duo combined to average 22.17 kills and 28.50 assists on just 5.16 deaths per game across the team’s 6 matches, forming the spearhead of a nigh unstoppable push from the CIS squad that its opponents simply had no answers for. At this junction of the Group Stage, Na’Vi is effectively safe from the threat of elimination, but considering how well the squad has played through the first 2 days of competition in Shanghai, Na’Vi is likely to turn its eyes away from the goal of simply surviving the Group Stage and instead focus upon earning itself a coveted position in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event.

Ninjas In Pyjamas  Ninjas in Pyjamas (1-7) (1-5): [Draw vs. Fnatic, Loss vs. OG, Loss vs. Natus Vincere]:

When NiP lost its lone series of Day 1, very few in the Dota 2 world saw much reason to panic, as the European squad still had a plethora of opportunities to turn things around with 3 scheduled series on Day 2. Unfortunately, those 3 series only served to introduce further complications for the team, as NiP struggled immensely across its Day 2 matches. The team opened up the day with a hard fought victory over Fnatic, putting together a long and drawn out win in a match that lasted over 63 minutes of total game time. After that initial win though, everything went wrong for NiP, as the squad proceeded to lose its next 5 matches to close out the day with a 1-5 mark and an overall record of 1-7. That record has the squad sitting at the bottom of the Group B standings, with only Chinese squad RNG matching the struggles of the European squad. Considering the level of skill and experience on its roster, there is always a reasonable hope that NiP can turn things around and avoid elimination. However, the squad has burned through half of its opportunities already with little to show for it, and the margin for error is shrinking with every match as the squad desperately needs to find a way to establish momentum for itself in the second half of the Group Stage in Shanghai.

425px-OG_RB_Logo OG (9-1) (6-0): [Win vs. Evil Geniuses, Win vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Win vs. Royal Never Give Up]:

After putting together an impressive 3-1 record on Day 1 in Shanghai, the defending TI Champion turned in an even stronger showing on Day 2. OG had 3 series on its schedule for the second day of action at TI9, and the European squad put together some dominant performances across those series with a clean 6-0 sweep of its Day 2 matches. With an average game length of just under 36 minutes across those 6 matches, OG found itself in control across the vast majority of its match ups, claiming wins over EG, NiP, and RNG. With a 9-1 record at the midway point of the Group Stage, the odds of OG failing to advance to the Main Event are essentially nonexistent, and the squad appears to be all but guaranteed a place in the Upper Bracket of said Main Event. However, that position is not locked in just yet, and the squad will look to cement its hold on its position as the Group B leader with match ups against both Fnatic and VP on Day 3.

Royal Never Give Up  Royal Never Give Up (1-7) (0-4): [Loss vs. Evil Geniuses, Loss vs. OG]:

A new day on the TI stage did little to alleviate the issues that RNG faced on Day 1, as the Chinese squad continued to struggle on the second day of play in Shanghai. The squad lost both its series against EG and OG to post a 0-4 record for the day, bringing its overall record to an underwhelming 1-7. All things considered, TI9 has begun in about the worse fashion that it possibly could have for RNG, but there remains hopes for the Chinese squad yet heading into the second half of the Group Stage. The team currently has the same win total as NiP, and sits just 2 wins behind VP in the standings. With just 1 team in the group set to be eliminated before the Main Event, RNG simply has to beat out 1 of those squads in order to survive the Group Stage. With the team set to play 2 series on Day 3, the Chinese squad really just needs to put together 1 day of solid performances to keep its hopes of advancing out of the Group Stage alive.

Vici Gaming small  Vici Gaming (7-3) (3-3): [Win vs., Draw vs. Infamous, Loss vs. Evil Geniuses]:

After perfect 4-0 showing on Day 1 of the Group Stage, Vici Gaming came into Day 2 with an incredible amount of momentum on its side. An impressive 2-0 victory in its first series against VP saw the squad build upon that momentum, as the team continued its perfect Group Stage run. Unfortunately, that momentum took a bit of a hit over the team’s final 2 series of the day, with Vici Gaming taking a 1-1 draw against Infamous before closing out Day 2 with a 0-2 loss at the hands of EG. Of course, the squad still finished the day with an overall record of 7-3 that kept it among the top squads in Group B, but its 3 losses on the day have potentially revealed some weaknesses in the squad moving forward. The good news for Vici Gaming is that its position in the group standings isn’t likely to change much on Day 3, as the Chinese squad is scheduled to play just a single series against a struggling NiP squad. So long as the team avoids any major mistakes over the second half of its schedule, Vici Gaming will almost certainly be among the contenders for a place in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event in Shanghai.

 Virtus Pro TI9 (3-5) (0-4): [Loss vs. Vici Gaming, Loss vs. Natus Vincere]:

After putting together an impressive performance on Day 1 of the Group Stage, VP came into Day 2 as one of the leading squads in the Group B standings. Unfortunately, the team proved unable to reestablish the momentum that it had enjoyed the previous day, as VP struggled across its 2 series while suffering back to back 0-2 losses at the hands of Vici Gaming and Na’Vi to post a 0-4 record on the day. The team looked out of sorts across its 4 total matches, trailing in terms of net worth throughout nearly the entirety of 3 of said matches, while losing a sizable mid-game lead in another. With its slate of losses on Day 2, VP found itself falling quite a ways down in the Group B standings, but the CIS juggernaut still had plenty of time to turn things around and reclaim its position in the upper half of the standings as it prepares to bounce back with a pair of series on the schedule for Day 3.


Day 3 Notable Matches

Series A6: Chaos Esports Club  Chaos Esports Club (1-7) vs Keen Gaming  Keen Gaming (2-8)

Both teams will come into this series in dire need of a win, as Chaos Esports Club and Keen Gaming enter Day 3 near the bottom of the Group A standings. Considering the relatively poor results that we’ve seen from both teams so far, the loser of this particular match up is the most likely candidate for elimination in the group. While both teams are scheduled to play 3 series over the course of Day 3, this initial match up has the potential to set the tone for one or both of the teams for the rest of the day and the rest of the Group Stage in general.

Series B6: Virtus Pro TI9 (3-5) vs 425px-OG_RB_Logo OG (9-1)

Prior to the start of the Group Stage, this match up was likely to be viewed as a clash between a pair of leaders in the Group B standings. However, some significant struggles on the part of VP have somewhat altered that initial perception, as the CIS squad comes into this series after a 0-4 showing on Day 2. The situation is not exactly desperate for VP, but a loss to start out the day will put the squad in a very uncomfortable position over the second half of its Group Stage matches. On the other side of the match up, OG sits at the top of the Group B standings, and will likely see this match up as an opportunity to lock in its place in the top half of those group standings and secure itself a spot in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event.

Series B6: Ninjas In Pyjamas  Ninjas in Pyjamas (1-7) vs Royal Never Give Up  Royal Never Give Up (1-7)

Much like the previously mentioned Chaos Esports Club vs. Keen Gaming match up, this series between NiP and RNG will likely play a large role in determining which team ends up being eliminated in Group B. Both squads will come into the series with 1-7 records, and the chance to own the tiebreaker between the two lowest teams in the standings will be an opportunity that neither team can afford to waste. The loser of this match up will likely be in serious danger of being eliminated from the Group Stage, unless one of these squads can manage to put together an unexpected run over the second half of their Group Stage runs.

Series A7: 600px-Team_liquid_logo_2017  Team Liquid (3-7) vs Alliance  Alliance (4-4)

A match up of teams sitting near the middle of the pack in Group A should end up attracting a fair bit of attention on Day 3, especially considering the potential stakes for the squads involved. Team Liquid will come into this series with a 3-7 record, while Alliance will be sitting on a 6-4, 5-5, or 4-6 record after its initial match up against Keen Gaming. Should Alliance win that first series, then this match up would give the squad the opportunity to potentially push itself in the top section of the Group A standings and compete for a place in the Upper Bracket of the Main event. Should the team enter the match up at 5-5 or 4-6, then the team will likely be fighting right along the line dividing the Upper and Lower Bracket squads, which will still put a significant emphasis on the team’s performance against its regional rival. With Team Liquid set to come into this match up with a 3-7 record no matter what, the stakes are a bit more clear for the TI7 Winner, as the squad realistically needs at least a draw to help create separation from the likes of Keen Gaming and Chaos Esports Club at the bottom of the Group A standings.

Series A8: Team Secret  Team Secret (8-0) vs PSG LGD  PSG.LGD (8-2)

The final set of series on Day 3 will feature a match up between the top 2 squads in Group A, as Team Secret and PSG.LGD will clash in a match up that could very well determine which teams wins the group. Coming into the match, Team Secret will hold a record of 10-0, 9-1, or 8-2, while PSG.LGD will enter with a 10-2, 9-3, or 8-4 mark. No matter what outcomes the squads earn in their prior series on Day 3, they will almost certainly still be standing among the leaders in the Group A standings when this series begins. Considering the fact that neither squad appears to be in any danger of elimination in the Group Stage and look to be on a course for spots in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event, this series is likely going to be for bragging rights more than anything else. However, should either squad falter in the latter half of the Group Stage, or should one or more of the teams currently in the middle of the group standings make a run up, holding the tiebreaker and the stronger overall record will surely be seen as an advantage that both squads would like to claim for their own.


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