Team Oracle reveal 2019-2020 lineup

The Australian organization has announced changes to its roster for the upcoming Pro Circuit season

Australian Dota 2 is not a topic that often receives much attention in the wider Dota 2 world, but that may change in the near future as Australian based organization Team Oracle has announced its new roster for the 2019-2020 season. Joining the duo of Kim “QO” Sun Yeob and Phuc “lordboonz” Nguyen are a trio of newcomers, as Team Oracle welcomed Meng “No7” Ou, Steven “Monster” Noel, and Adrian “Destrice” Eng to its roster.

While none of the team’s 3 new players have built up much of a reputation outside of Australia, the infusion of newer talent could certainly be a boon for Team Oracle heading into the new season. The prospect of having an Australian squad in the mix within the Southeast Asian hierarchy is certainly an exciting one for a country that has often found itself having to cheer for players and teams by proxy in years past. Time will tell if the new Team Oracle can prove itself a worthy challenger within its home region and compete for a place on the Pro Circuit stage this season.


The roster of Team Oracle following the addition of No7, Monster, and Destrice:

Kim “QO” Sun Yeob (Carry)
Meng “No7” Ou (Mid)
Steven “Monster” Noel (Offlane)
Adrian “Destrice” Eng (Support)
Phuc “lordboonz” Nguyen (Support)

Team Oracle’s announcement (via Twitter) of its roster changes

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