Artes to head up new Magic Hands roster

The relatively unknown CIS organization hopes to improve its regional standing with a new roster for the 2019-2020 season

The Magic Hands organization has announced its lineup for the upcoming Pro Circuit season, with the team introducing a roster of lesser known players around Carry Artem “Artes” Gorobey. Joining Artes on the Magic Hands roster will be Midlaner Timofei “eSCapeR” Pershenkov, Offlaner and Captain Nikolai “w8ing for” Evdokimichev, and Supports Yuri “Merlin” Belking and Vladislav “Morza” Semikoz.

Among this new lineup of players, Artes stands as the only member of the new Magic Hands roster with significant experience at the professional level, having begun his career in 2014. For the most part, Artes’ experience at the professional level has been confined to the CIS region, though he did see a fair bit of international play during a stint with HellRaisers in 2014 and 2015, even attending DAC 2015 with the squad. The rest of the team’s roster is relatively unproven though, and it is unlikely that Magic Hands becomes a major player in the regional hierarchy any time soon. However, the squad will certainly have opportunities to put its potential on display this season, with the organization’s new roster looking to make immediate strides within its home region.


The roster of Magic Hands:

Artem “Artes” Gorobey (Carry)
Timofei “eSCapeR” Pershenkov (Mid)
Nikolai “w8ing for” Evdokimichev (Offlane, Captain)
Yuri “Merlin” Belking (Support)
Vladislav “Morza” Semikoz (Support)
Dato “Metal” Gordeladze (Manager)

Magic Hands’ announcement (via VK) of its new roster


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