Evil Geniuses announce updated roster for 2019-2020 season

After a Top 6 finish at TI9, the North American organization is bringing in some new faces and big names for another Pro Circuit campaign

As soon as TI9 had come to an end, EG found itself the target of many rumors and speculation regarding a potential change to its roster. Today, the organization has indeed decided to move forward with said changes, with EG announcing multiple shifts in its lineup for the upcoming 2019-2020 Pro Circuit season. EG has acquired the duo of Abed “Abed” Azel L. Yusop and Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev, with the former set to take over duties as the team’s Midlaner while the latter will hold the position of Offlaner for the team. With the arrival of these 2 new players, EG has officially parted ways with veteran Gustav “s4” Magnusson, while Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan has shifted into an inactive role within the organization while exploring a potential transfer to another squad.

Abed has spent the past 2 years within the Southeast Asian region as a member of Fnatic, but this will not be the young Midlaner’s first experience moving to North America. The Filipino star previously played in the region back in 2017 as a member of the Team Onyx/Digital Chaos roster, where he quickly rose to prominence within the wider Dota 2 scene. As a member of Fnatic, Abed helped to elevate the squad into a powerhouse within the Southeast Asian region, and played a large role in the team’s strong run on the international level in the previous Pro Circuit season.

While Abed has previous experience in North America, RAMZES666 comes to the region for the first time in his career, having spent the entirety of his time as a professional within the CIS region to this point. After bouncing around on a number of other organizations in the region, RAMZES666 was picked up be Virtus.pro in 2016, remaining with the squad for over 3 years and helping to transform the squad into one of the most successful teams in the history of Dota 2 with 5 Major Championship titles. In addition to adjusting to living and playing in a new region, RAMZES666 will also see another challenge in the form of a return to the Offlane position. The young Russian star began his career at the position, but has largely stuck to the Carry role over the last few years of his career.

This move from Evil Geniuses certainly appears to be an exciting one at first glance, as the squad has added 2 of the most dynamic young stars within the Dota 2 scene in Abed and RAMZES666. The departures of both a veteran, TI winning presence in s4, and a star player that had spent the entirety of his career with EG to this point in SumaiL are unfortunate consequences of this change. However, the new EG lineup certainly appears to boast a dangerous balance of incredible skill and international experience that should make the squad a formidable opponent in the upcoming season.


The roster of EG following the addition of Abed and RAMZES666:

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev (Carry)
Abed “Abed” Azel L. Yusop (Mid)
Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev (Offlane)
Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen (Support)
Tal “Fly” Aizik (Support, Captain)
Kanishka ‘Sam’ “BuLba” Sosale (Coach)
Wilson “Fronz” Teng (Manager)

Evil Geniuses’ announcement of its roster changes


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