Team Sirius reveal new roster

Team Sirius is making sweeping changes to its lineup in preparation for the 2019-2020 season

Team Sirius has announced a significant overhaul of its Dota 2 roster, with the organization rebuilding nearly the entirety of its lineup for the upcoming Pro Circuit season. Remaining with the organization will be Support Xu “HYM” Zhi, who will be the only member of the team’s TI9 China Qualifier squad to remain on the active roster. Another pair of players from that qualifier run, Lui “Sylar” Jiajun and Li “ASD” Zhiwen, remain with the organization but have been removed from the team’s active lineup, leaving a quartet of vacancies on the team’s roster. To fill those vacancies, the organization has added Carry Lin “doodle”‘ Zikai, Midlaner Deng “Dstones”‘ Lei, Offlaner Hu “Guvara” Sen, and Support Cheng “Mad” Han to its lineup. The squad also announced that it will be moving forward with a new coach for the upcoming season, with Chen “Longb” Long being replaced by Kang “123” Jinming. With this updated lineup, Team Sirius will hope to pick up where its previous roster left off towards the end of the last Pro Circuit season, as the squad looks to carve out a place for itself in the Chinese region.


The roster of Team Sirius:

Lin “doodle”‘ Zikai (Carry)
Deng “Dstones”‘ Lei (Mid)
Hu “Guvara” Sen (Offlane)
Xu “HYM” Zhi (Support)
Cheng “Mad” Han (Support)
Kang “123” Jinming (Coach)
Guo “Zhili” Zhili (Manager)

Team Sirius’ announcement (via Weibo) of its new roster (Chinese)


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