J.Storm add Brax as trial player

With the departure of Resolut1on for the roster of Virtus.pro, North American squad J.Storm is bringing in a regional veteran on a trial basis

J.Storm found itself down a member as the Roster Registration deadline for the first Major/Minor pair approached, as Carry Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok parted ways with the organization to join the rebuilt roster of Virtus.pro. In order to fill the vacancy within its roster, the team announced that it will be adding veteran Offlaner Braxton “Brax”  Paulson to its roster as a trial player. Brax will take up the Offlaner role for J.Storm, which allows David “Moo” Hull to return to the Carry position for the squad moving forward.

Brax brings a wealth of experience to the roster of J.Storm, having played at a professional level as far back as 2012. The veteran has seen the game from a myriad of perspectives over his career, serving as a player, coach, and broadcaster while remaining one of the most experienced players in the entire North American region. Brax’s most recent stint came with fellow North American squad beastcoast, but his tenure with the squad came to a rather abrupt end as the squad seemingly disbanded mid-event after dropping out of both Midas Mode 2 and the ESL One Hamburg 2019 North America Qualifier. With his incredible experience added to the mix for J.Storm, Brax will assuredly be hoping for a more stable situation with his new team as J.Storm prepares to fight for a place atop the regional hierarchy in the 2019-2020 season.


The roster of J.Storm following the addition of Brax:

David “Moo” Hull (Carry)
Leon “Nine” Kirilin (Mid)
Braxton “Brax”  Paulson (Offlane)(Trial Player)
Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela (Support)
Clinton “Fear” Loomis (Support, Captain)
Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho (Coach)
Diego “Stormsoldat” Corea (Manager)

J.Storm’s announcement of the addition of Brax to its lineup


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