e-Lions roster signs with NoPing e-sports

The all-Brazilian squad has teamed up with a new organization for the 2019-2020 Pro Circuit season

When the e-Lions roster was announced earlier in September, it appeared to be only a matter of time before the squad of well known Brazilian players found its way to an organization. Now, the identity of said organization has been revealed, as NoPing e-sports has emerged as the sponsor behind the all-Brazilian squad for the 2019-2020 season. The team’s roster remains unchanged as part of its move to NoPing e-sports, with the quintet of Therence “Therence” Coelho Ferreira, Leonardo “Mandy” Viana, Danylo “Kingrd”  Nascimento, Kaue “Dunha1” Camuci, Caio “Nuages” Oliveira set to represent their new organization in the season’s first Pro Circuit Qualifier, which is set to begin October 5. Since the squad was among those in South America to have registered its roster prior to the deadline, it appears highly likely that NoPing e-sports will be a recipient of a direct invite to its regional qualifier.


The roster of NoPing e-sports following the signing of e-Lions:

Therence “Therence” Coelho Ferreira (Carry)
Leonardo “Mandy” Viana (Mid)
Danylo “Kingrd”  Nascimento (Offlane)
Kaue “Dunha1” Camuci (Support)
Caio “Nuages” Oliveira (Support)

NoPing e-sports’ announcement (via Twitter) of its new roster


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