Keen Gaming promote xiaofu, Mushi to become inactive

After falling short in the season’s first Pro Circuit Qualifier, Keen Gaming is making a change to its roster by benching veteran player Mushi

Keen Gaming has announced a change to its lineup just days after the end of its run through the season’s first Pro Circuit Qualifier. Said run saw the squad struggle to an unexpected degree, with Keen Gaming posting a 3-6 record in the Group Stage of the qualifier to finish in the 9th-10th place position among the 10 participating teams. While the team’s first shot at reaching the Pro Circuit stage proved to be unsuccessful, Keen Gaming’s schedule within its home region remains relatively busy. In an effort to get itself back on track at this early stage in the season, Keen Gaming has revealed that it will be shifting veteran Support Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung out of the team’s active lineup, With Mushi out of the lineup, the team will be moving Jiang “天命” An from Position 4 to Position 5, while promoting Zhuang “xiaofu” Yongfu from the roster of Keen Gaming.Luminous.

In the team’s statement, Keen Gaming lauded the newly added xiafu as a strong addition to the roster, citing his consistent performance in team training and solid results as a member of Keen Gaming’s secondary squad. He has helped Keen Gaming Luminous earn 2 Top 4 finishes in its first 3 appearances of the season in the form of 4th place showings in both the China Dota2 Development League Season 1 and the Asia DOTA2 Master League. While these early achievement are certainly impressive, it should be noted that xiaofu’s transfer to the Keen Gaming roster will not come without some added struggles, as the team’s new Position 4 Support had previously played as an Offlaner for Keen Gaming.Luminous. Between the transition to a new role and the move to a far more prominent roster, xiaofu will have quite the challenge laid out before him, as Keen Gaming hopes to put its poor Pro Circuit qualifier showing behind it and build up some much needed momentum within the Chinese region. Keen Gaming’s first official matches with xiaofu in the lineup will come on the same day as its announcement of his addition, with the squad participating in the Playoffs of the VKGAME Battle of Dawn.


The roster of Keen Gaming following the addition of xiaofu:

Liu “Kamma” Chang (Carry)
Zhai “” Jingkai (Mid)
Song “dark”‘ Runxi (Offlane)
Zhuang “xiaofu” Yongfu (Support)
Jiang “天命” An (Support)
Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng (Coach)
Wu “Fyms” Junying (Manager)

Keen Gaming’s announcement (via Weibo) of its roster change (Chinese)


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